I take pride in the creativity and passion for technology that I bring in working with some of the most exciting companies in Europe, Asia and Scandinavia. My industry experience includes banking, finance, healthcare, oil and gas, and precision agriculture among others.
Ever curious and always up for a challenge, I have a special interest in delivering complex projects and start-up initiatives.
My commitment to get things done is total and I explore around the edges to find a solution to a problem.

Managing Director

Sage Maslow

Following his passion for transforming exciting new ideas into practical useful applications, Ariel develops and nurtures early stage projects through direct investments and/or participatory advisory.
His enthusiasm is fueled by his sincere desire to help make the world a better place.

2016 - present


Accenture / Avanade

In more than a decade in high-value consulting roles for companies across Europe, Ariel led delivery teams in helping clients envision, conceptualize and eventually achieve business goals. In many occassions, he has been brought to turn around projects with serious delivery issues that had overrun their budgets or were far behind schedule.
His approach to management is a combination of the application of relevant established practices and adeptness in adapting to the specific needs of the team.
In 2013, Ariel moved from London to Oslo which he now considers his base.

2005 - 2016
United Kingdom, Europe and Scandinavia

Project Manager


Capitalizing on the period's internet boom, Ariel was involved in the development of a web-based procurement system that features revolutionary auction technology. With the office right next to a brewery, Ariel found an appreciation for "weissbier" and other ales and furthered his professional career in the process.

2000 - 2002
Frankfurt, Germany

Principal Consultant


Having just earned his degree in Computer Engineering, Ariel learned his chops and got a rapid immersion in the world of consulting having been in one of the largest offshore software delivery projects at the time. Ariel worked with a strong, talented team of more than 300 consultants from different countries. More importantly, he developed a tolerance for late, late nights and copious coffee - things that would prove very valuable later in his life.

1997 -2000


I see digital design as an art and a driver of customer delight. I'm the catalyst that mixes ideas, pushes concepts and finds the best way to energize brands through sophisticated visual design.


I don't believe in design without purpose. I see digital design as a science and believe that design plays a role in solving problems that improve the consumer experience.


I think like a business owner and identify opportunities to grow the business, the brand, whether indirectly or directly related to design.


I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting into the nitty gritty of design, yet my goal is ultimately to be a 'thought-leader' and provide more than ideas but inspiration.


I have high regards for team building, I work exceptionally well across all key functional areas including sales, web development, film production and customer service.


I'm always looking for opportunities and aren’t afraid to take risks for the sake of making things better.

Precision Farming Tools

With the world population increasing and agriculural lands in steady decline, one of the ways to guarantee food security is by increasing the yield and production through better use of land, fertilizer and other farm resources.


Vessel Inspections

Ships at dockside cost money. Using a digital app means less time is spent on completing ship audits prior to loading of cargo.


Interactive Media Award

Hampton Inn & Suites (Hilton Hotels)
Outstanding Achievement Award - Travel/Tourism, 2013



Or email me at:    ariel.@sagum.net

"I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Ariel on several client projects. Not only is he a brilliant visionary, he's also extremely astute in business. Ariel truly understands what it takes to build a successful service in a competitive environment."

Jorgen Blatter

Operations Head

"I worked with Ariel on a critical transformation project. He is one of the most driven and committed professional I've ever worked with. He inspires people around him to think outside the box. He works hard and plays hard too."

Rosella Chan

Portfolio Manager